Police orders pedestrian to water green grass after walking on a lawn at Kejetia

It all turned a hilarious moment for onlookers after a young pedestrian believed to be in  his 20s was apprehended and ordered by  police personnel to water a section of a lawn located within the median of a road linking the Kejetia terminal.
The youngster was inflicted with the above punishment when he was spotted by the police walking on the lawn right opposite the MTN office at Mbrom around 8:30 am.
He after utilizing the zebra crossing bypassed four female police officials who were on duty on the pavement and walked on the lawn at the full glare of the security officials.
After taking some few steps on the lawn in his attempt to cross over to the lane, he was called by the police and ordered to buy pieces of sachet water amounting GH 4.0.
With the water, he was made to water the grass as a way of punishment.
Source: thepressradio.com/Ghana/ Enock Akonnor

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