Flexy Da Don Dashed 4syte TV 5k Ghana Cedis

Flexy Da Don speaking in an interview on “Showbiz Agenda” on Accra-based Zylofon FM 102.1 pointed out that, after shooting his “Banana” music video which was directed by Xbills Ebenezer, he decided to promote the music video on 4syte TV.

Accompanied by Xbills Ebenezer, Flexy Da Don paid 5,000 cedis directly to 4syte TV boss Ignace Hego to promote the “Banana” music video on the TV station for 2 months.

Surprisingly, the presenter who was responsible for playing the video on the channel stopped doing so after just 2 weeks. When Flexy Da Don called to find out about why his video is not being played; the presenter told him it is because Flexy paid all the money to his boss Ignace and failed to settle the presenters who were going to play the video.

Interestingly, another artiste whom Flexy personally knows paid 1,000 cedis to 4syte TV boss Ignace and 1,000 cedis to the 4syte TV presenters but his songs were played more often than that of Flexy who had paid 5,000 cedis directly to 4syte TV boss Ignace.

When Flexy Da Don was asked by the host of the programme Sammy Flex, if he will like to get his money back from 4syte TV; he said he does not need the money back. Instead, he will like 4syte TV as an entity (Ignace and his team) to correct these irregularities so that same does not happen to other artistes.

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