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Fameye Inspired Me To Do Music – Omega Doose

Young Ghanaian afrobeat and highlife musician Omega Doose, has disclossed that, the quick emergence and exposure of Fameye into the Ghana music industry inspired and motivated him to do music.

The sentimental musician said, he got the passion to do music when ”Nothing I Get” hitmaker Fameye, just came in from knowwhere to reign in the music industry with his single track.I learnt a lesson out of Fameye’s quick exposure and said to myself, I can also be like Fameye or even better.

Although, it is not easy doing music without being under any record label or investor in your aid, but i’m still desperate to persue music since Fameye from knowwhere came to blow in Ghana. I know doing good music, hardwork and commitment can let me become a superstar in Ghana some years to come. I Will never relinquish, he said.

Fameye is my mentor, he is the top musician I look up to in the industry.I really admire his mode of life in the music industry.My dream is to have him on my song and share the same stage with him also.I’m appealing to the top celebrities and everyone who has a direct and cordial relationship with Fameye to deliver my message to him, Or anyone who can connect me to him, he concluded.

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