Artist Profile: Get to know Konko – the Fast Rising Artist planted in Ghana

 Aggor Ransford is the name of the music sensational recording artist well known in the showbiz scenes as Konko. He started Rap music in the year 2009 and had his professional recorded song at the year 2011.
The Rapper has been on several Stages and platforms in exhibition of his craft to the public. Audience has always loved his style of music and performances. Before he grew up to realize his talent, he was sent to school by his parents to learn and acquire knowledge and skills at the Gayibor Preparatory School Primary which he couldn’t accomplish his mission out there so he left and took it from Naa Badu Junior High School where he completed successfully.
On further notice, after Konko had completed his JHS education, he wanted to pursue his education so he went further to pursue his education at Christian Heritage Senior High School. As these transformation was been taken place, Konko was at the town he was born (Volta Region). The Rapper’s childhood has been a little bit of challenging, he went under a management team but they couldn’t work for him to hit the limelight for which it came to it’s termination, so currently he’s under no management.
Konko has been spending his whole life in Tema – Ghana after he left Volta.
He has been serious finding all means to hit the limelight, though he’s gaining recognition gradually, but has not reached his targeted ambition. Below are pictures of the said artist;

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